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August 12, 2020

Tree House in The City

Do you remember as a child the thrill of being in a tree house? Everything from climbing the rickety ladder rungs, to ducking under and around the boughs, to stepping onto the platform at a dizzying height above ground, was a daring adventure. The feeling of experiencing the world from up high, enveloped within the veil of soft, green shards and sky-reaching branches, aroused a primordial comfort and familiarity.

We’ve recreated this experience for one lucky homeowner whose new residential oasis will lift her among the tree canopies of her half-acre wooded land in the middle of the city.

Treeloft is a 2,350-square-foot modern structure elevated by tall steel columns that both mitigate and celebrate the steeply sloping terrain. This single horizontal bar of living space wrapped with covered outdoor areas takes full advantage of the many avian views humans only dream of. The opposing metal roofs of the home and separate garage meet and form an extruded metal scupper, becoming a dramatic water feature when it rains.

Simple, well-detailed materials and selectively located glass walls achieve a clean-lined elegance that belies the challenging budget that prioritized maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness.