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A small guy can often become lost in the proverbial crowd, especially when he is half buried in dirt. This small two story retail building on a busy avenue of retail and fast food buildings is not to be passed over, even though its back half is dug into the steep terrain of this difficult site. As a sailor signs semaphore on a battleship, this bold little guy pushes out of the earth in ascending levels towards the street, simultaneously projecting upward with encircled arms (albeit kind of square) announcing its presence. This is a true split level building, with the upper level as the ground level at the back of the building becoming the second level at the street. This retail building does more than simply house mercantile functions; it excites the passing audience to consider coming in. The lower level faces the street with muscular confidence and a broad, inviting entry sequence, while the second level is enlivened with a street-facing outdoor patio that gives a pleasant open experience to the bagel shop patrons and entices busy drivers to drive in and see what’s going on inside this unique little gem.

We prefer to think of this as a small guy with a big personality; they’re usually the life of the party!