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Sharp Memorial Chapel

Sharp Memorial Chapel was built in 1962 on the campus of the University of Tulsa. After 46 years of heavy use, the facilities were in need of improvements and expansions to accommodate the expanding needs of the campus Presbyterian ministry, as well as the increasing popularity of the chapel as a venue for weddings. Freese Architecture was hired to produce a design that would preserve yet improve the original chapel, and replace the worn administration wing with larger support functions respectful of the 1960’s modern architecture.

The chapel was updated with new lighting and floor surfaces, and refinished wood paneling. The expanded facility is anchored with a new glass entry lobby that allows a constant visual connection to the central campus plaza on one side and a new courtyard entry on the other. The new administrative/reception wing respectfully borrows shapes and materials from the chapel structure, yet is a more current interpretation of the original architecture. A soaring new bell tower marks Sharp Memorial Chapel as the heart of the private college campus.