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Ranch Court

This project property is in a popular residential district called Ranch Acres in Tulsa, Oklahoma, consisting almost entirely of ranch style homes built in the 1960’s.

The fortress-like stone edifice provides added privacy and a sense of mystery from the street. The façade is composed primarily of a large horizontal ledge stone, with stone wing walls enclosing numerous pocket courtyards around the home and extending the front plane of the building face to create the illusion of increased mass. A modern waterfall – a thin slit of water sheeting down a plane of glass cut into the stone entry court enclosure – guides the visitor to an electronically controlled rusted steel gate. Once inside, the home opens up with huge glass walls embracing the rear courtyard and central water feature. The building massing and materials are compatible with the neighborhood, yet the tailored lines distinguish it as of this era. Deep overhangs of galvanized metal roofs and wood trellises provide full shading of the summer sun yet allow the warmth of winter sunlight to enter the home.