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LO House

With all that is taking place in our nation and around the world, it should be no surprise there is an increasing desire to move out of cities and repair to rural areas where there is less noise, fewer stresses, and frankly, fewer humans. A 2020 Gallup survey revealed nearly half of U.S adults say they’d prefer to live in a small town or rural area.

This property in southeast Oklahoma, resting on the border of Lake Wister State Park, is one family’s decision to do just that. Isolated from the drone of human activity and serenaded by nature’s daily symphony, this new home captures expansive views of the state park’s wide rolling meadows flanked by native forests. It is a notable example of our Midwest Modern philosophy – a blending of modern forms with local materials, building practices, and a visceral connection to surrounding nature – in this case rolling hills, meadows, a small lake, and a menagerie of farm animals.

We oriented the home to capture the panoramic views to the south and east. The semi-subterranean lower level is made of Oklahoma-sourced stone, supporting the main level stucco and metal siding blocks and an expansive south-facing glass wall. Deep cantilevered canopies in outdoor gathering areas give protection from the elements. Corrugated metal panel siding and exposed steel framing reference rural structures of the area and express the raw and essential nature of the home.