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Greenarch – located on the southwest corner of Greenwood and Archer in the historic Greenwood District in Tulsa – is a 90,000 square foot mixed use development offering 70 affordable market rate apartments and 10,000 square feet of ground floor retail/commercial space. The building is divided into two wings, connected on the second through fourth floors with an enclosed glass bridge and open at the street level to allow pedestrian access to parking and ground floor living units behind. The exterior is further reduced into smaller components to visually lessen its mass and to better tie it to the scale of the adjacent historic mercantile buildings. The façades are composed of alternating pattern of abstracted “flowers” and “reeds” that define groups of light-giving oversized windows/balconies and water-controlling roof downspouts, respectively.

Living units are given a more expansive feel with large windows, abundant natural light and a light interior color palette. Unstained plywood floors with a high gloss finish lend a raw yet polished feel. The upper level balconies overlooking the ONEOK Field ballpark, the ground level Live/Work living units and the street level retail venues further weave the building into the neighborhood activity, and establish GreenArch as a critical thread in the redevelopment of the historic Greenwood District.