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October 14, 2019

Pearl District Gets a New Neighbor

We love a worthy challenge, and one of our favorites is taking on a dismal, uninspired building to transform into great architecture. A two story, pre-engineered, metal warehouse in Tulsa’s Pearl District, 410 S Peoria, gives us plenty to work with. From its humble present form, we will transform it into a striking, modern office building for both a local concrete company and construction company with lease space to spare.

The building’s gritty, industrial beginnings are referenced with a new corrugated metal panel skin, and perforated metal panels in key locations to provide sun shading and a veil-like sense of intrigue. A second floor horizontal projection on the front adds a gravity-defying visual treat and needed space for an employee break room, as well as ample protection for the ground-level entry. A similar projection on the rear of the second floor frames spectacular views of the downtown skyline for the executive offices.

The interior is opened up with a double height lobby and mezzanine, and open office areas on the second floor. The first floor lease space is well suited for a design showroom or other retail opportunities. The 410 Building will add a cool, modern vibe to the resurging historic Pearl District, and hopefully inspire more forward-thinking design in one of Tulsa’s oldest, most unique neighborhoods.

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